Exploring the medical profession Monday, Jul 12 2010 

By: Will’Nesha Johnson

Unfortunately I had to leave Upward Bound for two weeks to take a trip to Washington.

I attended the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine. This was a great experience. The forum was to help me understand


the medical field and to learn the steps I need to take to fulfill my goal, which is to become an OB/GYN or a pediatrician. We had the chance to talk to people who know what it takes to become a doctor or nurse and the challenges they had to face to get to success.

The good parts about my trip are this was my first time flying. This was also the first time me being away from my mother for a very long time. During the forum, I had the chance to talk to people with HIV/AIDS.

We visited many medical schools, while at the medical school, I touched a dead body; it was actually pretty cool. I had the chance to view a live knee surgery. We also did a little site seeing and shopping. I viewed the different museums and memorials. Some of the places we visited were the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial, and the Smithsonian Museums. Also, I had the chance to view the White House for the first time.

At first I didn’t want to give the forum a chance but I am glad I did. If I didn’t I would’ve never made my new friends. There were some downfalls about my trip though. To begin with, I really missed my parents. Also, I missed my Upward Bound friends and teachers, well some of them. Finally, we didn’t get to explore a lot places. I will never forget my experience to Washington; I had many laughs and many cries.


Top 5 comedians Friday, Jul 9 2010 

Kyle Forster and Ryan Sartor discuss their favorite contemporary comedians.

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BET Awards podcast Thursday, Jul 1 2010 

Osha Weary, Glenn Miller, Rashad Magee and Je’Darrien Frazier discussed the 2010 BET Awards this past Sunday night…






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Scrapbooking Wednesday, Jun 23 2010 

Brittany Arnold, a rising senior at Hammond High school, works on scrapbook layout. By: Ryan Sartor

By: JeDarrien Frazier, Brandi Weysham and Ryan Sartor

One of the more interesting cultural classes offered at Upward Bound is the scrapbooking class, taught by Ms. Rebekah. In this class, the students only have one main assignment: to make a unique and creative scrapbook by the end of the summer.

Ms. Rebekah says that she got into scrapbooking because she had always enjoyed collecting pictures and putting them into scrapbooks, which she likes to decorate with stickers and glitter.

She also said that she would like her students to know that the art of scrapbooking is not just about putting pictures together, and that there are many different methods to making them, and a wide variety of types and styles of scrapbooks.

The scrapbooking students work on their scrapbooks each day, bringing pictures from home or getting them off the internet, and compiling them in ways that best express their individuality.

Scrapbooking teacher, , peers from computer during her second hour class. By: Ryan Sartor

Tyler Washington, a junior at St. Helena, has scrapbooking for his second cultural class.

Tyler says that he joined scrapbooking so he could use his creativity and skills in many ways.

Tyler is very fond of the class because he gets to play with many pictures of himself.

That being said, his biggest reason for liking the scrapbooking class so far is because he is learning new ways to have his best memories personalized in his own book.

“Scrapbooking has more than one type of scrapbook,” says rising senior Brittany Arnold from Hammond High School. Brittany said she chose scrapbooking because she loves being creative. She enjoys this class because in her spare time she can get on Facebook.

Jerika Tillman, an upcoming junior from Springfield High School chose the scrapbooking class because she had it and enjoyed it last year. Jerika enjoys this class because of its hands-on activities.

Art I Wednesday, Jun 23 2010 

Cardboard, paint, scissors, glue and imagation are necessary for collages. By: Kyle Foster

By: Glenn Miller, Rashad Magee and Vashti Lewis

“Art A is basically about expressing yourself”, Jessica Tanner. She’s a sophomore at Independence High School. “I think art is full of creativity and exploration you really have to be involved to enjoy it”, said Wilneka Morgan. She’s a junior at St. Helena Central High School.

Today my group went and interviewed the awesome art class in class Art A.

“I want them to learn how to express themselves through art”, said Ms. Omega, the teacher of Art A class. She majored in Art at Southeastern University. She loves to teach. During the week of June 21, the student learned how to make 3D paintings. “It is a bigger description of how to make art better”, says Tanner as she worked on her painting.

Art instructor, Ms. Omaga, shows student Tarryn Austin how to cut from cardboard. By: Kyle Foster

We asked the students why they choose this class. “Because art is an expression of feeling and I have a lot of feelings to express”, said Tanner as she was working on her 3D painting. “Because I like to draw”, said Erin Conner while she was cutting out her peace sign in her 3D painting.

When we walked into the classroom, we saw the students doing some kind of art. “We are making 3D paintings”, said Brianna Scott as she was working on her masterpiece. She described her painting as “showing her loud colors side” because she used so many colors in her work. We also saw Tanner working on her 3D project she said, “It was to show all different types of moods of a teenager.” “It’s a bigger description of how to make art better”, said Tanner.

We also asked the students why they choose to be in this class. “Because art is an expression of feeling and I have a lot of feelings to express & I want to learn how to be a better artist”, said Tanner.  Scott said, “Because I thought it would be easy, which it is.” Others where put in the class with no choice.

We asked the teacher what does she has as the future plans of the class. “They will be making a collage”, said Ms. Sampson. And the class looked as if they were excited, anticipating, and waiting for the next project and the projects to come.

Students hard at work on collages. By: Kyle Foster

Art II Wednesday, Jun 23 2010 

By: Brandon Jackson and Osha Weary

By: Will'Nesha Johnson

We know so much about History today because of the all art left behind. What is art? Art is a great way to express your creative side and is much more than painting and drawing. Art teachers and their students are excited to learn about the many different areas in art.

Aspiring teacher, Trent Hebert has never taught art and this is his first year at Upward Bound and is very excited about teaching he states that he feels like he is here to create. Mr. Hebert attended Ponchatoula High School that had an incredible art program, and his teacher suggested him into the Arts. Mr. Hebert says “art is fun” and wants his Upward Bound students to learn that each of them can be an artist.

By: Will'Nesha Johnson

Mr. Hebert Never taught Art to high school students but has experienced teaching the college students with ceramics. He states that he has a passion for teaching, and he likes the profession of grading student’s art. Later he plans on getting his Masters in Visual Arts. Mr. Hebert is inspired by Ayumi Horie, who is a Contemporary Ceramic Potter because to him she takes the traditional technical in pottery and makes it post modern. Mr. Hebert has had openings of his Art in Lafayette, Louisiana; he would like his Art to be passed down.

In his last words he reiterated, “I’m here to create or I go crazy”. Within that craziness there will always be student s to help move it along as smooth as possible. As our group interviewed the teacher and some of the students we discovered how a majority of the student felt about the class. The project of the day was a self portrait that each student had to create of themselves.

First I talked to 11th grader Talicia Smith from Mt. Hermon High School. She informed that art is a hobby and she would like to expand her potential. She would also like to develop new creativity skills. Then, I had a chat with Troyneesha Hurst a 12th grader from St. Helena Central High School. Troyneesha told me that she likes to draw and be artistic.

Never afraid to ask for help Troyneesha wants to improve her drawing. She loves her self portrait so far but feels like it need some more progress. Finally, La’ Justice Wesby, a 10th grader from Kentwood High School, enjoys art because of the pictures, colors, and other peoples creativity. She would like to draw a self portrait as home decoration and self amusement. She said art is challenging but it is also fun.

By: Will'Nesha Johnson

Inspirational videos Monday, Jun 21 2010 

By: Brandi Weysham

Youtube is one of the most popular video sites in the web. I took the liberty of searching this website to find my favorite songs. I searched for “Blurry” by Puddle of Mudd, “Believe” by Brooks and Dunn, and “Last Breath” by Creed. When searching for videos on Youtube you find many different videos and can see how many views each video has.

“Blurry” by Puddle of Mudd doesn’t have an official video but Youtube has many videos of this song with the lyrics. The particular video I viewed had 753,386 views.

The song “Believe” by Brooks and Dunn has an official video. This video symbolizes falling apart and is an inspirational video all together.

The song “Last Breath” has and official video also. It’s a song about a guy becoming friends with an old man that taught him many things then the old man dies.  This a very powerful song with an amazing video with it. Youtube is a very good sit to find anything and everything you want to listen to or watch.

Top pop songs Wednesday, Jun 16 2010 

By: Brandon Jackson

Music has quite a big influence on life rather you’re a singer, rapper, student, or even a pastor. I believe that some songs should be heard more than others simply because of the messages, passion behind the vocals and the all around enjoyment. My top songs consist of big name stars that have blessed us with powerful music that gives us a reason to listen and shows how to truly express ourselves through song.

Artist: Janet Jackson

Song: Doesn’t Really Matter

Album: Janet

I enjoy this song because of the message. It means that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, but you so just move on. The video was very futuristic and fun Janet looks great and the dancing is awesome.

Artist: Michael Jackson

Song: Thriller

Album: Thriller

The late, great, and beloved Michael Jackson never seems to disappoint with is music. The short film of thriller tells a story of the wild things that like to get down and dirty during the midnight hour.

Artist: TLC

Song: Fanmail

Album: Fanmail

An all time favorite group with an undeniable presence in the music world. With a classic sound and magical “feel good” rhythms TLC has managed to create another hit.

Artist: N*Sync

Song: Bye Bye Bye

Album: No Strings Attached

Who could forget the phenomenal and creative group N*Sync? Their mind blowing singles climbed the charts rapidly and with much reason, the boys clearly had a statement to make with this original and entertaining video.

Artist: Backstreet Boys

Song: I Want It That Way

Album: Millennium

I Want It That Way a universal and soft toned anthem that was given to us by the one and only Backstreet Boys. This song brought tears to fans all around the world. The video shows the true sensitive and caring nature of the Backstreet Boys.

Craziest slam dunks Wednesday, Jun 16 2010 

By: Rashad Magee 

YouTube is the best website yet there are millions of videos on this site. There is everything from comedy to music videos. My videos will be the craziest slam dunks. 

This is a dunk where the player spins twice before he dunks it.  I like this video because very few people can do this dunk.

 This is one of the best dunkers in the world he has a 58 inch vertical leap.

This is a dunk where Kobe Bryant dunks on Dwight Howard who is 6 feet 11 inches. This is one of my favorite videos because I never thought it would happen.

This is a video where Vince Carter jumps over a player and dunks. Many people in the NBA can’t do this.

Favorite gospel songs Wednesday, Jun 16 2010 

By: Will’Nesha Johnson

In our journalism class, our next topic is on listing items. We had the choice to choose YouTube videos, television shows, or songs/artist. I chose songs/artist. Music is another way for people in the world these days to express themselves. For me, music is another way for me to escape the real world and to relax when I am not reading books. Here is my favorite artist and my top 3 songs by him. 

Marvin Sapp is one of my favorite artists in the gospel genre of music. He is my favorite artist because all of his songs have there own special meaning. Also, I like him because his music lets me be free and I can relate to all his songs. He is a great inspirer. His music will help the unsaved. 

“God Favored Me” by: Hezekiah Walker ft. Marvin Sapp && DJ Rodger

This is one of my favorite songs because I can relate to it in my own way. This isn’t Marvin Sapp’s song but I love his verse on there. This is also my favorite song because it’s way for me to communicate with God without getting on my knees and pray. I encourage people to listen to the song because it is an inspiration. The message from the song is “When you think of all the things God has done for you, no one could steal your joy and happiness.” The song is absolutely great in my opinion.

“Best in Me” by: Marvin Sapp

I love love love this song. I know you are thinking why this isn’t my top song if I love it so much. This is my song because I feel like the message is directed towards me. I feel this way because people who don’t know me try to judge me by what they see and they really don’t know me at all. To me, this is also an inspirational song. The message from the song is “When people only focus on the negatives and down falls of your life, God doesn’t because he knows what you are capable of doing.” I encourage people to listen to this song because people may belittle them and make them feel less than what they are, but God doesn’t worry about those things because He is our creator and through Him we have greatness and power.

“Praise Him in Advance” by: Marvin Sapp

I chose this as my third favorite song by Marvin Sapp because I love the beat of the song. The beat of the song just takes me to another place and I get chill bumps. The message of the song is very clear. The message of the song is that “When you have Faith in God you already know that He will do whatever you pray for and ask him for, so praise him before you get your blessing to let him know that you are very thankful.” I think people should listen to this song because it encourages people to thank God for the things he have done and the He is going to do.

“Cover Me” by: 21:03

I like this song because the melody is nice and smooth. The message of the song is “When you are praying for you continue to pray for them so God could keep them in His heart.” People should listen to this song because it’s very good and the message is clear.

“I’ll Trust You” by: James Fortune & Fiya

I enjoy listening to this song. Every time I listen this song I want to cry. The message of the song is,” The things that happen around you makes you want to doubt your faith, but you are letting God know that you are still are going to trust Him.” I think people should listen to this song because it would be a way for them to tell God that they are going to trust Him if they never knew how to tell him.

“Broken But I’m Healed” by: Byron Cage

The first time I heard this song is when I went to see Marvin Sapp at this church in Amite, and they had their praise team dancing to it. I fell in love with it every since. The song is so true. The message of the song is “We never want to admit that we are broken or hurt. When we finally admit that we are hurt we have to know that if we give the situation to God, He will heal the broken things in your life and fix the hurt.” I think other people should listen to this song because it lets them know that with God all things are possible.

 “I’m Still Here” by: The Williams Brother

I’ve been listening to this song since I was about 8 years old. This song is an inspiration to me. It helps me accept the things that happened in my past because I am still here. The message of the song is “ You may been through a lot of things in your life, such as, being hurt, lied on, or abused but that is the past and your are strong because you are still here. Everyday is a better day and a new meaning.”

Favorite weight lifting videos Wednesday, Jun 16 2010 

By: Kyle Foster

These are my three favorite Youtube videos. The first video includes me, the second video includes my power lifting coach, A.J. Schroeder, and my third video includes my favorite university’s football highlights from the 2008-2009 season. 

One might ask why watch this, but I believe that one should like it for many numbers of reasons. The main reason one should watch this video is because it is very impressing for a person that size doing that with no gear, and it is me. The name of the video is “Kyle Foster dead lifting 350 (lol)!”

This is one of my favorites because it shows the strength of a world class power lifter.  The video is of A.J. Schroeder, my power lifting coach, benching 455 pounds for for 10 repetitions.  The name of the video is “455 for 10.”

This maybe my last favorite video but it is still very good because it involves my favorite university, Texas University of Austin.  I have love this team for many years but it is one the best years for the school in the history of the school.  The name of the video is “2008-2009 Texas Highlights.”

Six songs to check out Wednesday, Jun 16 2010 

By: Osha Weary

I love Youtube, people post some crazy things on this website, others post talent and that is what makes Youtube a great hit, its fun to browse various things and most of all  really enjoyable.

I really love Jon B’s “They Don’t Know” because it’s a romantic song and Jon B. is a really cute man that can sing.

I love Salt N Pepa’s  “I’ll Take Your Man” because of the beat and the meaning of this song plus Salt N Pepa are one of the best female groups that ever performed on staged.

Usher’s “Hey Daddy” is a song that has a good beat and songs like Raymond is making a come back.

Usher’s “There Goes My Baby” is a romantic and sweet song an Usher himself is a great performer.

Jim Jack’s “Drive Dance” is good because it is really catching on, it’s fun to do and Jim Jack representing from Hammond, my hometown.

“Count money backwards” by Lil’ Phat is on my list because of basic beat and I’m in love with money.

Brandi Weysham Wednesday, Jun 16 2010 

By: Je’Darrien Frazier

Brandi Weysham, a junior from Franklinton High School chatted with Je’Darrien Frazier for a behind the scenes tour of her life, 16 years of age and she has a great future already planned out.

Je’Darrien: What college would you like to attend after high school?

Brandi: Louisiana Southern University.

JF: What would you like to major in at LSU?

BW: Veterinary Medicine.

JF: Why would you like to be a vet?

BW: Because I’m an animal lover and care dearly about them.

JF: What would be your alternative career?

BW: Crime Scene Investigator.

JF: What is your favorite subject?

BW: Any kind of science.

JF: What do you like about school?

BW: learning new things and socializing with friends.

JF: What are your three most important values?

BW: Trust, friendship, and honesty.

JF: What do you like to do on your free time?

BW: Dance, riding my four-wheeler, and go to the movies with friends.

JaDarrien Frazier Wednesday, Jun 16 2010 

By: Brandi Weysham

I interviewed rising sophomore, JeDarrien Frazier from Hammond High. JeDarrien is fifteen years old and has many plans up ahead. I have asked him six questions to get to no him better.

BW: How did you find out about Upward Boumd?

JF: My Auntie

BW: What do you like most about this program?

JF: Learning new things and meeting new people.

BW: What are your plans after high school?

JF: To go to LSU and become a radio host.

BW: What do you do for fun?

JF: read the twilight saga, act, hang out with friends, and watch movies

BW: What inspires you to have a positive attitude everyday?

JF: My dream of accomplishing my goals

BW: What is your favorite subject?

JF: Drama

BW: Who inspires you?

JF: My grandpa

Ryan Sartor Tuesday, Jun 15 2010 

By: Millard McElwee

On June 8, I had the pleasure of meeting with one of Southeastern Louisiana University’s brightest Upward Bound students, Ryan Sartor. Sartor is a rising senior at Grace King where he is on the editorial staff of the nationally ranked newspaper – “Irish Eyes.” With the help of an Upward Bound Outreach Specialist, Sartor was first introduced to the Upward Bound Program.

“I feel good about myself when I take courses for college credit,” stated Sartor when asked what he liked most about Upward Bound. His favorite class is microbiology, and Sartor can see himself possibly attending LSU. Natural science really appeals to him because of the array of doors it opens. Teaching and research are both possible careers while studying natural sciences.

While attending Upward Bound, Sartor has been afforded the opportunity to take over 16 hours of college credit before his senior year. He is very modest about his outstanding accomplishments. His above exceptional grade point average of 4.3 coupled with his over 30 ACT score makes Sartor a desirable candidate for any university in the nation. Sartor is a man of many talents and music happens to be one; he has successfully taught himself to play the bass guitar skillfully.

Sartor feels that one thing parents should know about teenagers is that, “We need lots of naps.” I was taken aback by this statement until a little digging revealed his intended meaning. Teenagers are humans and they sometimes need breaks from the harsh realities and demands of the real world. There is one thing a good reporter knows and that is a great story, and Sartor has greatness written all over him. Look out world because you will soon be hearing from this amazing teenager in the near future.

Millard McElwee: How did you find out about Upward Bound?

Ryan Sartor: Mr. Aron visited the school and talked to the students.

MM: What do you like most about Upward Bound?

RS: “I feel good about myself when I take courses for college credit”

MM: What is your favorite subject?

RS: Microbiology

MM: What are your plans after high school?

RS: Intends to attend LSU and major in a natural science

MM: What is one thing adults need to understand about teenagers?

RS: We need lots of naps.

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